Jan 27, 2012
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Design I/O at NYSCI!

Design I/O is a Brooklyn based creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting edge, immersive, interactive installations. Design I/O is led by founders Emily Gobeille and Theodore Watson. For the next four months we will be residents at the New York Hall of Science, developing prototypes for large scale interactive installations for the immense and magical Great Hall.

The aim of this blog is to document the research we are doing during this time and to share some of the code, tools and techniques we develop along the way. If you are curious about who we are or the work we do please check out our site: http://design-io.com or reach us on twitter @design_io

Some of our recent work:

Puppet Parade

Night Bright

Funky ForestRise & FallRise & Fall

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